I went into a furniture store looking for a large jewelry armoire/box that sits on top of a dresser. This dude walks up to me so I ask him if he has any. He just flat out says no but he has some that stand on the floor then suggested I try walmart…

Foo who u think I is I work at walmart we aint got that. If I go into a big ol furniture store looking for something so regal as to hold ALL my jewelry u think I would just turn around and go to walmart or family dollar looking for something nice n classy???? .________________.





Get The Sims 2: Ultimate collection for FREE!!!!

Simply go to “Redeem product code” in Origin and enter: I-LOVE-THE-SIMS

It is for 1 week only, so hurry!

its downloading right now! Is it just the base game or the whole thing?

In case anyone is interested…

i just tried it and it’s legit. ultimate collection is sims 2 + ALL expansions + ALL stuff packs. get it while it’s hot!!

Im getting really frustrated with UPS at this point :/

so heres a picture of some adorable big baby wolf dogs

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Making this was so painful because i could only imagine what these characters would be like in smash

me: [clicks on customize]
me: [opens 18 tabs]
me: [puts on hard-hat]
me: time to change my theme.


best of “she wears short skirts”




I hope people have seen this. I dont even know its origin or anything or hell what to really tag it as but I saw it on facebook via a cosplayer page. Its definitely worth the watch

What the ungodly fuck

i don’t need to know the meaning to love this